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Architectural Lighting

Applications Architectural Lighting

Historical buildings, monuments, squares, are just some examples of the subjects that make up the architectural lighting object, the only one able to evoke the charm of time passed, well farther than the descent of the sun over the skyline.
The products have the responsibility to dress up, with their light and with the technology they ward, each object result of human creativity respecting their philosophy and enhancing their profile.


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Gallery Architectural Lighting

Athens, Greece – Olympia museum

Locations: Athens
Architect: Spyros Kondopoulos
Year: 2003
Installation: 2004
Floodlights: LED Bar Athena

Brussels, Belgium – Dexia building

Locations: Brussel
Architect: Barbara Hediger
Installation: 2006
Floodlights: LED Bar Custom

Venice, Italy – Ca’ Vendramin Casinò

Locations: Venice, Italy
Architect: Mauro Codussi
Installation: 2001
Light designer: Roberto Casalone, Natalia Moudritskaia
Floodlights: Focus 1200W

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Petronas Towers

Locations: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Architect: Jean marc Guilhot
Installation: 2000
Show lighting: Citélume
Floodlights: Leukos  and Titan 4000W