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The illumination of big events is a sector that marked the beginning of the history of the brand Spacecannon. Thanks to the high powered light beams, with their colors and their visibility even from great distances, the Spacecannon technology signed the most important events in the world.


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Gallery Big Events

Hong Kong, China – Symphony Harbour

Locations: Hong Kong
Architect: Simon Mc Cartney
Installation: 2004
Show lighting: Laservision Hong Kong and Laservision Australia
Light designer: John Rayment
Floodlights: LED Bar Athena and Ireos Pro 7000W

New York, U.S.A. – Towers of Light

Locations: New York, U.S.A.
Installation: 11/03/2002
Light designer: Paul Marantz
Floodlights: IREOS PRO VHT – 7000W

Sydney, Australia – XXVII Olympic Games

Locations: Sydney.
Installation: 2000
Floodlights: IREOS PRO VHT – 7000W

UAE, Dubai – Burj Khalifa

Locations: Dubai
Installation: 2010
Show lighting: Prisme International
Light designer: Tom Irtum
Floodlights: 320 Ireos Pro 7000W