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It is impossible to believe to be a leading Company without being able to satisfy the mass market needs. After realizing innovative certified products and creating partnership with important societies of the field, Spacecannon SNe is at disposal of its customers with a new scenario of projects proposals studied “ad hoc” to give innovative solutions with the best quality/price rate.


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Gallery Commercial Lighting

Fubine, Italy – Millepiedi Store

Locations:  Fubine
Architect: Agnello
Installation: 2006
Light designer: Spacecannon
Floodlights: LED

Milan, Italy – Agricola

Locations:  Milan
Installation: 2007
Light designer: Spacecannon
Floodlights: LED

Panama – Crown casinò

Locations:  Panama
Architect: Brilliant Light Design
Installation: 2004
Light designer: Robert Daniels
Floodlights: LED