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eBlack Professional


eBLACK Professional is a modular LED floodlighting system for sport.
In particular the color temperature of the emitted light – 5700K – and the color rendering index – >90 – meet the protocols specified by FIFA and the international broadcasting about the television filming of the most important football events in the world (Champions League, World Cup)
Thanks to its technical characteristic, eBLACK received the official certification from FIGC and LND.
Because of its flexibility, eBLACK professional is suitable to illuminate even other sports events whose images for their international profile (races of F.1, swimming world championsship , tennis tournaments, etc) are intended to be spread all over the world.
eBLACK can vary its surface area of illumination by adjusting the inclination and the angle of each module. This solution improves the quality of illumination at the ground.
eBLACK is designed and built to last: the rugged material used, as the housing is black anodized aluminum, supporting parts and stainless steel screws, tempered glass and metal grommets, are resistant to UV radiation and bad weather.

eBLACK has IEC 60598, IEC 62031 and IEC 62471 approvals