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eCOLOR 12-40



eCOLOR is a family of products.
eCOLOR products (12 and 40) are a high performance fixtures made of black or silver anodized aluminum alloy for lighting architectural details.
The eCOLOR are available with different optics and they are controlled via DMX512. The power supply and the DMX board are integrated in the housing. All eCOLOR line is fully controllable from a remote position with the RDM protocol.
The 5 mm thick glass grants IK10 protection, while the protective vent protects the LEDs from condensation.
The extreme compactness and the over temperature protection guarantee high performances and make these products unique.

eCOLOR has IEC 60598-1, IEC 60598-2, IEC 60598-5 and IEC 62471 approvals