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I Series

I series / I-Freeway



Specifi cally developed for expressways the I-Freeway is the biggest device of the I-Freeway family.
Even if the I-Freeway is a big device, it is one of the lightest in the market. It is available with normal plug and play drive or it can be equipped with the midnight dimming function in order to reduce the power absorption late at night. The LED module is protected by the optics made of glass and everything is sealed with silicon gaskets. It comes as standard with powder painted dark grey fi nish, but other colors are available on request. Its structure is projected in order to be future proof for an easy and fast update with the latest.


I series / I-Street



The I-Street is very robust and reliable device for urban lighting made of aluminum alloy and stainless screw. It comes with diff erent optics made of glass in order to have the optimal lighting distribution depending on the distance between the poles and the installation height. The lack of the frontal glass ensures a better optical performance and a higher IK rating. Its shape ensures a low wind resistance and a very high heat transmission for a better LED dissipation. Together with a programmable powers supply, it is the best solution for those users who need to update the urban lighting at a reasonable price.


I series / I-Tech 6th

I series Tech_6th foto
I series I-Tech_6th prodotto


The I-Tech 6th is a compact device ideal for car parks, pedestrian areas and cycle paths. It has 6 power LEDs with high luminous fl ux available with diff erent color temperatures. The robust structure, the high IP rating and the surge protection ensure a long lasting life with stable performance.
The housing in die cast aluminum alloy is painted in dark grey but other colors are available upon request.
The I-Tech 6th can be just plug and play or with the midnight dimming function for a further power saving.


I series / I-Tech 15th

I series Tech_15th foto
I series I-Tech_15th prodotto


The I-Tech 15th includes energy saving, performance and technology in a single street lighting device.
The fl at and aerodynamic design make the I-Tech 15th the ideal solution to light up streets in the city centers, In the suburbs, in provincial roads.
The housing in die cast aluminum alloy is painted in dark grey but other colors are available upon request.
Many optics are available in order to have the best lighting design for all the diff erent environments: from the urban street to the to the expressway.


I series / I-Way

I series I-Way prodotto


The I-Way is a compact but powerful device for urban lighting ideal for the city center streets.
It is the ideal solution for car parks, pedestrian zones and cycle paths that allows the user to get a very short payback time. It ensures that the lighting meets the real needs of the place to be lit.
The I-Way is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The special optics in tempered glass ensure an high IK rating and a very high efficiency together with a de-glaring effect.
It is easy and fast to install the I-Way thanks to the light weight and the compact shape.


I series / I-Play


I-PLAY is a compact and flexible floodlight suitable for those applications where it is important to have powerful lumen output together with high effciency and short payback time. The I-PLAY comes without front glass but the high efficiency lens made of tempered glass assures robustness and very good optical performances. Thanks to the compact dymension the I-PLAY can be used in many diff erent application: sport lighting for small playgrounds, tunnel lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting.


I series / I-Walk


I WALK is a compact device for street lighting and for cycle paths. The housing made of die casting aluminum alloy with powder painted fi nish ensures robustness and good resistance against salty environments.
The main optic with very high effciency is made of tempered glass:  this unique feature ensures perfect optical performances during the years even in very dirty places.  The I WALK is IP66 and has an inbuilt surge protection up to 10kV.
It is available with plug and play mode or with virtual midnight mode for better energy saving.