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The public lighting is an area of strong interest, attraction and development for Spacecannon SNe.
The new solutions are able to decline, in unison and in an innovative way, new technological principles, people’s safety, energy saving, urban design and especially the economic savings (significant reduction in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs).


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Gallery Public Lighting

Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy – Fountain

Locations: Lignano Sabbiadoro
Installation: 2005
Show lighting: Spacecannon
Light designer: Spacecannon
Floodlights: LED

Marina Bay, Singapor – Helix Bridge

Locations: Singapor
Installation: 2010
Show lighting: Technolite and Spacecannon
Light designer: Arup Lighting Designer
Floodlights: LED Custom

Singapore – Singapor River

Locations: Singapore
Installation: 2008
Light designer: DAS Studio
Floodlights: LED Strip

St. Petersburg, Russia – Tv Tower

Locations:  St. Petersburg
Architect: Willem Brouwer
Installation: 2008
Light designer: Willem Brouwer
Floodlights: Titan and Ireos (Xenon), Focus (metal halide) and LED