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Sports Lighting

Applications Sports Lighting

Stadiums, sports centers, sports halls, swimming pools must find alternative solutions to reduce costs related to consumption.

In this context, the lighting plays an inescapable value if you want to promote sports even in the early evening and evening hours Today thanks to an exclusive technology – which is the first and only one certified by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), the National Amateur League (LND) Spacecannon SNe can offer to all professional and amateur clubs of all sports, a range of LED products able to significantly reduce consumption and operating costs.


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Gallery Sports Lighting

Milan – Stadium

Locations:  Milan
Architect: Spacecannon
Light designer: Spacecannon
Floodlights: LED Bar

Shanghai, China – F1 international racing circuit

Locations:  Shanghai
Architect: Francesco IANNONE e Serena TELLINI – Consuline –
Installation: 2004 – Tronsin –
Light designer: Francesco IANNONE e Serena TELLINI – Consuline –
Floodlights: LED Helyos and CAT 250W

Turin, Italy – XX Olympic Winter Games

Locations: Turin
Architect: Marco Balich
Installation: 2004
Light designer: Duram Marenghi
Floodlights: LED Bar Athena, LED Helyos and Ireos Pro 7000W