Year: 2018

Location: Garbagnate Monastero

The Agostani company, Italian leader in coffee market, has recently opened a 5000 square meters warehouse near Lecco close to the highway. The client’s wish was to evenly illuminate the façade of the production plant with the corporate colour blue.

Being close to the highway, the big concern was the glaring, but Spacecannon could find an easy and personalized solution to Agostani problem: the use of the smallest LED bar of our range with the special ROYAL BLUE colour.

The NOVA IP 18W/m with Royal blue LEDs could illuminate vertically the wall of the structure from top to bottom giving a perfect colour uniformity along the 80m wall.

The NOVA IP was fixed to the structure with stainless steel springs with custom made brackets in order to reduce as much as possible the glaring.

Spacecannon followed the development of the project from the preliminary demonstration to the delivery of the goods giving advices on the installation for future maintenance. The final result was hit with only 1400W of power consumption.