Beat. Every 26 seconds the Earth trembles imperceptibly. However, even though this momentum has been observed for decades, researchers still don’t agree on the cause of the phenomenon.

The impulse was documented since the early 1960s as the “heart of the earth beating”, a fascinating suggestion which, for this very reason, was nicknamed the “heartbeat of the Earth” by John Oliver, researcher at the Lamont Geological Observatory – Doherty of Columbia University. In 1962 Oliver discovered that the heartbeat came from the South Atlantic or Equatorial Ocean, manifesting itself most intensely during summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Through a beam of light which lights up every 26 seconds, Andrea Nacciarriti makes the beating of the earth visible in the sky. This project was made possible by the eBlack floodlight controlled with Clever Light System with DMX protocol.

With this installation, in addition to overturning the function of a former industrial chimney that once emitted pollution into the atmosphere, the artist visualizes an empathic process that is essential in the paradigm of care for the common good and necessary for the construction of a sustainable society. In fact, the product used is energy saving and sustainable.

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Location: Milan (hinterland)