Castello di Moasca

A brief history of the Castello di Moasca

Moasca is a small village with only 500 citizens near Asti in Italy.

Moasca is famous for it’s huge medieval castle that rises on the top of the hill. The castle was built in 1351 on the ruins of another castle. The reconstruction ensured more comfort to the inhabitants compared to the original building. The most interesting part of the castle was the wine cellar that led to deep tunnels used as prisons. At the beginning of the 1900, it was still possible to live in the castle but after the second word war it was abandoned causing the unavoidable ruin.

In 1999 the renovation begun and nowadays the castle hosts an elegant restaurant that works mainly in summertime.

The project for the castle

In order to renew the old illumination of the castle and make it visible from far away, the Major of Moasca asked AEN, an engineering studio situated in Acqui Terme, to evaluate new solutions with LED technology. Together with Spacecannon, a proper solution was found with the eBLACK 1 and eBLACK mini 2700K surrounding the structure reaching high uniformity on the walls and emphasizing the colour of the bricks.

Moreover on the main wall between the 2 front towers, a set of ecolor line 900 was installed in order to be able to change colours depending on particular events during the year.

Spacecannon worked close with AEN giving detailed instruction on how to aim the floodlights and programming the DMX controller with the required colours.

Year: 2021

Location: Moasca

Partnership: AEN