Fraele Towers – Torri di Fraele

The 2 Fraele towers located in the north of Lombardy (ITALY) were built in 1391 with the purpose to protect the Fraele valley from invasions. Originally they were part of a massive defensive complex nowadays destroyed.

The electrical society A2A together with local authorities decided to  enhance the old Fraele towers to attract tourists and welcome them in the valley. The 2 towers that rise at 1930m of height are divided by a deep rift. In order to find a technical solution capable of illuminating the towers with different colours, Eng. Luca Parolini from Sondrio (Italy) chosed Spacecannon as a partner for this demanding project.

Spacecannon suggested the installation of RAINBOW 1 with RGB-W technology controlled with DMX512 protocol. Spacecannon team worked together with Eng. Parolini in order to find the best position for the floodlights to allow the easiest and safe possible installation.

In order to synchronize the colour changing of the 2 towers the wireless DMX transmission was the only option available. Thanks to this control system it is possible to generate rainbow effects on the stone walls and even reproduce the Italian flag.