Galleria Mazzini

Location: Genova

Commission: A.S.Ter Genova

Year: 2020

Galleria Giuseppe Mazzini is a commercial gallery covered by a glass roof placed in the heart of Genoa, built between 1870 and 1880 and inspired by the famous “passages” in Paris. It is a typical example of cast-iron architecture.

The inauguration of Galleria Giuseppe Mazzini was a great event for the city of Genoa thanks to the shining showcases, the elegant chandeliers made of bronze and the glass domes that allow natural illumination during daytime.

These ingredients made Galleria Giuseppe Mazzini the favourite meeting point for both the aristocracy and bourgeoisie of the XIX century.

Recently, it was decided to renew the internal lighting changing from the old metal halide sources to the new LED technology in order to reduce the cost of energy consumption and yearly maintenance, improving lighting uniformity.

Spacecannon has been entrusted with the task of developing the technical solution in respect of all the strict specifications in terms of luminous flux, colour rendering and optical efficiency. Thanks to our long experience in LED lighting, we were able to customize the IBAY140, floodlight born for wide area lighting, using a special asymmetrical lens that is able to grant great uniformity and reduces the glaring from the windows of the apartments that face the gallery.

A fully customized bracket and a special painting were applied in order to disguise the floodlight during the day when the lights are off.

Spacecannon has been able to offer a 360° service including lighting and mechanical consulting, providing an innovative and high quality solution that will allow Galleria Mazzini to shine again in the future years.