Liffey Valley Mall

Liffey Valley Shopping center is, thanks to its many stores and restaurants, one of Ireland’s most important and visited shopping centers and is located just outside Dublin.

The design for the bus shelter lighting was entrusted to Willie Duggan Lighting who decided to use Spacecannon solutions for the implementation.

The request that was made to the Spacecannon team was to provide a product that could illuminate the bus shelter without dazzling people waiting for the bus. Therefore, our engineers proposed using an LED bar so that it would be embedded in the recess of the bus shelter, thus hiding the light source from the eyes.

Specifically, our latest generation LED bars, the Nova, were chosen. Nova is a miniature LED bar suitable for architectural lighting powered by 24 VDC and is customizable in length – starting from 30 cm up to 2m.

What makes Nova unique among LED bars in this category is the possibility of implementing the use of DMX combined with the possibility of choosing between different colors (from warm and cool white to red, orange, green, lime and royal blue).

Uniqueness of the project is that for the first time a totally encapsulated white LED bar has been realized with a controlled and precise color temperature thanks to an innovative technology in the resin process.