Mondovì Tower

The bell tower, known as “Dei Bressani”, which has become the symbol of the city of Mondovi, unmistakably characterizes the city by sprouting from the top of the square hill like a sentinel.

It was originally the bell tower of the Church of St. Andrew, which is no longer there today and dates back to the 13-14th centuries.

Alba-based EGEA was commissioned to renovate the tower’s lighting. Architect Anna Quattroccolo chose the RAINBOW3 projector to uniformly illuminate the entire silhouette and create multicolor plays on the four sides.

To allow maximum flexibility, the RAINBOW3 were set with the 12-channel in order to uniform the vertical illuminance. The management of the system was realized with a DMX512 control unit that could be programmed with different scenographies.
Spacecannon made the programming of the control unit according to the different scenarios and gave support during the design of the DMX system.

Products used