Monteruzzo Castle

The Monteruzzo castle is a medieval building rebuilt at the ending of 1700.

The castel rises on the top of a hill ruling the small village of Castiglione Olona.

Nowadays it has many modern rooms and halls that can host conventions and exhibitions.

Recently it was decided to renew the lighting of Monteruzzo castle’s structure in order to reduce power consumption, shifting from Metal Halide to LED technology. This process led to the opportunity to change also from simple white lights to coloured ones.

Spacecannon offered for this important project the newest Rainbow RGBW capable of generating up to 300W at full power. The accurate choice of the optics allows the user to have a perfect colour mixing also from close distance. It is possible now to chose between classic warm white light or coloured effects for special occasions. All the installation is controlled via DMX512 and RDM.

The control system specifically studied and offered by Spacecannon allows the users to easily change the effects just pressing one button. Giancarlo Frigeri, mayor of the village, personally inaugurated the new lighting installation showing all the peculiarity of the lighting design posting a video on the facebook.

Year: 2021

Location: Castiglione Olona

In collaboration with: Hyperion Srl