Settimo Torinese City Hall

Year: 2021

Location: Settimo Torinese

Settimo Torinese in local dialect” Ël Seto” is a small city in in Piedmont, Italy, near Turin. The name Settimo means “seventh”, and it comes from the city’s distance from Turin, which is seven Roman miles.

The city is famous all over the world for the local production of pens and fountain pens, in fact Settimo Torinese is also named the “city of the pen” and for the tyre production.

As an initiative of the Settimo Mayor’s office, the City Hall’s new lighting system set out to revitalise the building’s original style.

Originally illuminated with only white metal halide lamps, the Mayor’s wish was to renew the lighting system in order to be able to communicate with the citizens using colours.

Spacecannon found the perfect solution with the eCOLOR LINE600 with RGBW technology controlled with DMX protocol. Taking advantage of the original disposition of the lights, it was possible to reuse the old routing of the cables simplifying the installation. Addressing properly the LED bars, the building changes its aspect with different colours for special events.

Spacecannon followed the development of the project since the beginning giving tips for installation and training local technicians.

The new lighting brings new life to the building and energises Liberty Square.