Piazza Stella – Genoa

Piazza Stella is named after the homonymous family of notaries and historiographers and is one of the Genoese squares chosen for the Lighting For Genoa project.

The lighting concept developed by Marta Mannino and Beatrice Bertolini was inspired by the multi-ethnicity of Genoa as a port city.
The diversity of people and cultures was translated from a lighting point of view through the skillful use of colors by exploiting the theories of subtractive and additive synthesis.

The colored shadows generated by the walking of pedestrians in front of the light sources relate to the concept that each person carries different experiences and cultures behind them.

The Spacecannon team was able to realize this concept by harnessing the power of DMX512-controlled eCOLOR40 spotlights. The spotlights embedded inside 4 purpose-built benches and planters illuminate the square’s pavement in radenza realizing the play of colorful shadows. The eCOLOR40s  perform a complete rotation of colors in about 60 seconds so that people can appreciate  the color change of their shadows while walking.

The square experiences 2 different moments: through a sensor system, the presence of people is sensed and the show is started, while if there is no one in the square, the eCOLOR40 remains at a low brightness level to increase energy saving.

The installation is part of the first Italian project of multiple permanent lighting design installations for urban regeneration: Lighting for Genoa.
Strongly desired by the Municipal Administration, conceived and coordinated by Condiviso.coop of Genoa with the creative direction of Lighting Designer Stefania Toro.

Project by: City of Genoa-Environmental Management Office Energy Manager, Management Office
Urban Regeneration
Edited by: Condiviso, soc.coop. cons. @Stefaniatoro
Realized by: City Green Light s.r.l.