Skating ring Cinisello Balsamo

In the latest months, the skating ring of Cinisello Balsamo has undergone major changes to its lighting system, aiming to maximize energy savings. The LED solution provided by Spacecannon allowed uniform lighting of the skating track, perfect for national competitions, with an average illuminance of 300 LUX.

For this project, the 900W Spacestadium II projector was chosen, equipped with asymmetric optics and 4000K CRI70 LEDs. To mitigate the glaring on the track have been adopted asymmetric lenses specially selected by Spacecannon that have also helped to contain the spill light within the sports area.

From the point of view of the energy saving, the upgrade was significant because the new Spacestadium II have replaced old traditional 3000W projectors, reducing the power to only 900W per pole.

The installation was carried out by the renowned company C.G. Electrical Systems by Corti Giacomo from Cucciago, while Spacecannon has carefully followed the project from concept to installation, providing detailed documentation to ensure correct assembly and optimum results.

With the introduction of this innovative LED lighting, Cinisello Balsamo’s skating ring remains at the forefront, offering not only high-level performance, but also significant energy savings.

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