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About Spacecannon SNe

Spacecannon SNe is a new reality, born from a perception of two Italian businessmen.

Their mission is to give back the right value to the brand Spacecannon a leading brand of the “made in Italy” in the world.

What makes unique this return is the presentation of a new brand, SNe, whose mission is to satisfy particular needs of the world of sport and of the big public areas – stations, airports – joining show, comfort, security and saving.

Spacecannon SNe has the target to become a Company of Excellence in the lighting field for its ability to see in light not only a technical fact but above all an emotional component. 

Spacecannon SNe

Architectural Lighting

Historical buildings, monuments, squares, are just some examples…

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Big Events

The illumination of big events is a sector that marked the beginning of the history…

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Guarding coasts or borders, make the way through the smoke..

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Pubblic Lighting

The public lighting is an area of strong interest, attraction and development…

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Commercial LIghting

A new scenario of projects proposals studied “ad hoc” to give innovative solutions…

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Museum / Worship's places

An “ad hoc” line, designed to meet the rigorous demands for the lighting of museums…

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Sports Lighting

Stadiums, sports centers, sports halls, swimming pools must find alternative solutions

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Special Projects

Here is how each project, from the smallest to the largest one, becomes a “special project”…

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