Christmas “Toyland” in Cernobbio

The municipality of Cernobbio was the scene of the 30th edition of the “Toyland” (Città dei Balocchi) event held during the holiday season.

Cernobbio is an Italian town near Como, in Lombardy, located on the western shore of Lake Como and is mostly surrounded by mountains. Given its location on Lake Como, it is a renowned tourist choice of international standing.

The event, which lasted 31 days, was largely illuminated with Spacecannon products which painted the lakefront and gardens around the markets with typical Christmas saturated shades.

The lakefront was lit with DMX-driven ecolor40 RGBW spotlights that lent dynamicity to the 100-meter walkway.

The white vault of the boat dock was colored Royal Blue to simulate the night sky with a series of NOVA hidden above the structure’s tie rods.

The taller trees, on the other hand, were colored with RAINBOW 1 and RAINBOW3 running autonomously thanks to a program chosen by the client recorded in memory.

The garden around the Christmas market houses was colored again with DMX-driven ecolor40.

The Spacecannon team followed the project entirely, from preliminary tests to the commissioning and disassembly of the system.

LIGHT DESIGN: Sig. Daniele Brunati – General Director of Associazione Amici di Como


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