Pink Floyd Event – Milan

In March 2023, we all celebrated the 50th anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

For the occasion, Warner Music with the patronage of the City of Milan has created a unique event.
In Milan, in Piazza Duomo, it was decided to recreate – using light – the iconic album cover created by Hipgnosis.

The event entertained those who were there with light games to the rhythm of music, visible on the smartphone thanks to the shooting from the top of a drone.

The cover that depicts the decomposition of white light into its fundamental colors discovered by Newton, was created by mixing different technologies. In particular, the beam of white light that crosses the glass prism was created with a xenon projector (LEUKOS).
The shape of the prism that turned on to the rhythm of music on the notes of the song “TIME”, was created with a set of bars NOVA IP68 controlled in DMX, while the breakdown of the light appeared during the song “the great gig in the sky” was obtained with 6 RAINBOW1 300W projectors controlled in DMX with narrow optics.

The Spacecannon team followed the event from a technical and operational point of view, designing, assembling and programming the plant.