Restaurant by the lake

The “Crotto dei Platani” is an elegant restaurant located in the town of Brienno (CO) in Italy that owes its name to the traditional cellar carved into the rock, called “crotto”.

During the renovation of the outdoor spaces, the owner of the restaurant expressed the desire to be able to illuminate the surrounding area to be visible from far away and at the same time get an elegant atmosphere.
Spacecannon has met this need by offering several products equipped with GOLD technology.

In particular, a series of projectors eCOLOR-GOLD were placed on the pier to illuminate the docking area of the boats and the bottom of the lake.
The NOVA GOLD were instead used to highlight architectural reliefs, while 4 RAINBOW1 GOLD were installed on the roof to illuminate the plane trees and the woods behind.

Since the restaurant is located in a sparsely populated area, the choice of GOLD radiation is also particularly suitable for the preservation of the ecosystem because it does not present BLUE radiation, does not disturb the wildlife living in the area.


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