Matitone Bell Tower in Lecco

The bell tower of S. Nicolò, also fondly called “Matitone” because of its pointed shape, is one of the main symbols of the city of Lecco.

The Matitone is, among other things, one of the 10 highest bell towers in Italy and the second in Lombardy: 96 meters high and 380 steps to go to get to the top.

The peculiarity of the bell tower is to be separated from its church. The reason is simple: it is about 200 years younger. The church of S. Nicolò, in fact, is dated 1862 while the Matitone dates back to 1882.

Spacecannon was contacted by engineer Bosisio to solve the problems of lighting the bell tower, given by a faulty system. The contribution of Spacecannon, in this case, went beyond the simple supply of lamps: we were also consulted for the design, for the tests and to find the solution for custom brackets.

The proposed products, namely eWhite Line 1200 and eWhite line 300 4000K are perfect for lighting facades and cross, while for the watch face the best solution was the Nova with IP68.

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