A short story of the Settimo Torinese Tower

The tower in Settimo Torinese is the latest architectonic standing structure belonging to the old castle that was destroyed during the war in 16th century.

In 1912 the city of Settimo Torinese bought the area and built near the tower a school that become city hall in 1983.

As an initiative of the Settimo Mayor’s office, a new lighting system was developed in order to continue the renovation of the iconic buildings of the city.

The project for the Tower

Together with SABIL from Turin and the technical office of Settimo Torinese, Spacecannon could create a dynamic installation capable of communicating messages to the citizenship.

The tower is divided in 2 parts: the upper part which is visible from all the corners of the city. Spacecannon illuminated it with the eCOLOR LINE 900 with RGBW technology that allows the Major to send messages to the citizens on special occasions.

The lower part that can be seen only from close distance and is illuminated with Rainbow I.

The special programming allows the user to run 2 different shows at the same time: in this way it is possible to change the color of the top of the tower while keeping the lower part with a different effect.

The unique features of the LED floodlights used in this project together with the advanced DMX system allow the tower to dress a different light every night shifting from elegant shades of white to colourful ones.

Year: 2021